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Redefining the Archivist experience

Fresh new design for trade and consumer e-commerce

Archivist make letterpress cards, mainly for trade customers. Their online ordering experience has remained largely unchanged for 10 years and not reflective of what they offer. This is the opportunity to design a vibrant system that reflects the focus of current designs and seasonal needs.

My role with Archivist is one of designer and consultant and to find the right Wordpress and plugin developers to move forward with their e-Commerce integrations.

With a complete redefinition of the online user experience by working closely with the team, we have developed new UI to be flexible and move forward allowing new expansions.

Currently in development.

prototype homepage of archivist site
prototype collection of archivist site

Map a number of key customer journeys with a realistic prototype

Full complete journeys of different customers profiles has been mapped out in the Figma Prototype for as near as real experience.

screenshot of Archivist Product page
creenshot of Archivist Product mobile page

Beyond the pretty headlines: Include all the layers of the customer experience

Work includes management tools for customers based on the existing systems, but with a completely new experience.

screenshot of Archivist login
screenshot of Archivist checkout process
screenshot of Archivist account details
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