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Product Design, UI and UX for Plyo

Full featured design system for housing management

Designing a range of tools and products for ease of use, bringing together tasks usually done my many 3rd party services. A completely new UI was designed from he ground up for a host of complex interactions for the content management system, front end website and email design for the Oslo based company.

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Mockup of front end website Apartment choose feature

Pushing Figma as a tool to the limits

Figma is used as a point of truth to manage all assets and component design. This base UI and library is used to test assumptions and ideas rapidly from a brand perspective, bypassing minimal wireframes.

Customer experience is in the detail

The system contains many layers, some deep, and some more complex. The experience should always be one of doing what is obvious without clutter.

Mockup of front end website company values
Mockup of front end website company careers

Meeting customer expectations with results

Examples of email designs and promotional pages that are generated by the services.

Mockup of email template
Mockup of email tempate
National Map Centre Logo